Rapid relief from Haemorrhoids

Treat your haemorrhoids with HemoClin - proven efficacy

How can Haemorrhoids be treated?

HemoClin! Effectively treats haemorrhoids - choose between our HemoClin products below or in the carrousel on the right.


HemoClin Original - easy to use, innovative applicator. Cooling gel easily reaches affected area, leaves no mess, to treat internal haemorrhoids.

HemoClin Tube - soothing gel for fast relief of anal discomfort. Supports the natural healing process and conditions the tissue, to treat internal haemorrhoids.


HemoClin Spray - soothing spray for fast relief of anal discomfort. Touch free application to treat external haemorrhoids.


HemoClin is a revolutionary product that offers direct relief from haemorrhoids, fissures and anal discomforts such as sensitivity and itching. The product is based on a clear gel, containing a patented Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker (2QR Complex), which blocks harmful microbes and promotes the natural healing process. Advantages of 2QR Complex/Bio-Active Bacterial Blocker:

- Does not kill all bacteria, blocks "bad" bacteria from doing harm and lets "good" bacteria do its work
- No negative impact on body's own cells
- Accelerates natural healing process
- Does not provoke resistance
- No known negative side-effects


To help HemoClin work even faster, we suggest following a healthy lifestyle with a good mix of nutrition, exercise, toilet habits and anal hygiene (see prevention).


HemoClin is a suitable treatment whilst pregnant or nursing, however, it is important you consult your doctor, midwife or pharmacist before using any medicine at that time.


Start today to treat your haemorrhoids with HemoClin Original, HemoClin Tube and/or HemoClin Spray.