Fast relief from anal discomfort!

Say goodbye to pain, itching and irritation.
HemoClin Spray - Touch free application, designed for external use.

How to use

HemoClin Spray is the hygienic treatment of external haemorrhoids.

Apply at least twice daily around the anus during a period of two weeks or when relief is desired. More regular application improves the efficacy.

To prevent external anal discomforts, apply around the anus before and after each bowel movement.

In case of internal haemorrhoids we advise the additional use of Hemocllin Gel.

Step 1. Remove the cap from the nozzle.
Step 2. Spray several times in the air before initial use to fill up the nozzle.

Step 3. Before use, look intently at the position of the spray. The spray can be used from any desirable angle.


Step 3 Spray

Step 4. Bend slightly forward, and if necessary, spread your buttocks in order to be able to reach the anus more easily.
Step 5. Aim the opening of the spray at the anus and spray once or twice on and around the anus.
Step 6. Put the cap back on the spray after use and wash your hands.


For more detailed information please check out the HemoClin Spray leaflet.